Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hi peeps! Got nothing to update today but here's my current sb status... 2 LOs and 2 Minis to finish... I need to finish the 2 LOs before Raya and raya is already around the corner!! I need to order the shadow box some more. I'm still new and still learning in sb-ing... but loving it already!! AND my raya baju plus my DDs raya baju is belum siap *panicking now* I'm gonna go to the tailor shop today just to check things out..

Raya Checklist:

1. DS baju melayu and shirts - DONE

2. DS pants - DONE

3. DS shoes - TBC (his last year's shoes is still good to wear... maybe i can save on this one : ))

4. DS sinjang - DONE

5. DS songkok - DONE

6. DDs shoes - DONE

7. DDs baju kurong

8. DDs haircut - DONE

9. DH baju melayu - DONE

10. DH sinjang - DONE

11. DH shoes - TBC (well men aren't normally excited in getting new shoes!!)

12. My baju kurong

13. My tudong - DONE

14. Cakes & biscuits

15. My shoes

16. mmmmm i think dats it for now

Well I have to say, I'm proud of my checklist almost complete.

Thanks for reading!!

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