Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Pressie" Challenge #15

To celebrate the last day of 2008, I decided to take part in the Scrappin Kids December Challenge #15, all about pressie, at the very last minute. Well, thought of it quite a while ago but only managed to pull out some mojos at the last minute.

Here's my takes.
Fun at Pinks & Chocs Crop

I had a blast at the P&C crop last Monday. The ladies were super-cool and glad to meet them all.

We were taught by Jazz how to make a cute box out of PPs and cardstock and we had a little game of scrapping after refreshments was served. I was mojoless at first, maybe because people watching me.

These are the cute little boxes we did and when we're done we swap the boxes using the Jazz's manual random selector ((if i'm not mistaken *keke*))
(((Note: Some pics taken from here)))

and this is the one I made.. told you I was mojoless!!! ((ooohhhh.. look at the clarity of this pic, I sooo wanna get an SLR for me next year!! better be nice to DH ;p ))and after the swap.... I got the winning box made by Nadiah... wuhuuu!!!

Too bad we didn't take group photo coz we were all running late that day ((and someone's transport was already outside waiting... haha *winks*)) . Nonetheless, I had a great time there and looking forward to go to the next one. Oh oh, and the food was yumzzzzzzzz.......

This is one of the cupcakes that I ate first.... Cool huh?!!

Didn't missed the shopping too!! I bgt some stuff before leaving including this pretty album I booked thru Dina and Renee few weeks ago :)

Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Hijriah & Happy New Year 2009

I think it's not too late to wish everyone 'Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Hijriah' semoga di limpahi berkah selalu and today is the last day of 2008, wishin everyone a Happy New Year 2009, hopes things to be better for everyone in the new year.

Thanks for lookin!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Busy weekend

Although the long awaited 'loooong weekend' is coming but it's going to be a tiring one for me. This Sunday is one of our close relative's wedding day soooo it's the week full of wedding events.. PLUSSSSSSS... my kids' back-to-school preparation (this is the busiest event of all!!).

My activities yesterday was:

1. Had breakfast at CA Mohd gadong (Adam burped loudly in the restaurant!! How rude??!! I saw Poinz there with the hubby *wink* She smiled at me when Adam burped!! hehe she don't know it's me i guess)

2. we went shopping at The Mall for groceries and school uniforms (although I skipped this one coz inda sanggup! well you know, it's bonus season so you can imagine how the shop was full of people so i just did the groceries shopping)

3. had lunch at CheezBox ((too bad I didn't took pics there coz it was my kids' 1st time there and they liked it and sooooo wanna go there again))

4. went to MBE to get DD's school books and tried our luck in the lucky draw contest ((wah, even bookstores now have lucky draws... who knows I'll win the Acer aspire XD). Met an ol fren from school, Ismawati Ma'aruf, at the bookstore. cool!!!

5. went home tired, slept for one hour

6. went to attend Majlis Berbedak function((renee was there :p)

Phewhhhhh!! That was a whole lot of activities in a day! Here's a random picture of Adam i took at the function playing with my phone. He can't find his gameboy (boy am i not surprised!) and he must have something that he could play with otherwise he'll go wandering around.

Here's a short video of Syifaa trying out the 'poco-poco' dance at the wedding. Hehe her first time doing the poco-poco and been practicing it ever since.. hehe cute!!

Thanks for dropping by!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sneak Peak

I've promised someone that I'd create an anniversary card
for him. A new project for me, and here's a
sneak peak of the finished project. Will reveal once he receives the card ; )

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sharing some good news!

I happen to blog-hop few minutes ago, hopped into SKB see if I'd find some kit that I'd like to shop about and there's where I saw my LO being featured there. Well it was uploaded on 28 November but I just saw it today! Woohooo.. so proud of it!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Awesome 3some

Just trying out my luck at the 3rd Ed's Sketch, Got Stamp challenge. The challenge is to use any Animal image on the layout with the sketch. Finally figured out how to use my K&Co Cut 'N Paste Butterfly Memories pp I bought quite a while ago. And I soooo love the wooden butterfly too which i recently bought from a friend.
Here's my take!!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I got tagged by Renee. This time I have to answer the questions using images by Google-ing.

1. The age of my next birthday

2. A place I like to travel to

3. A favourite place

4. A favourite thing

5. Favourite Food

6. Favourite color

7. The city I live in
8. The city I was born in

9. A nickname I had in school

10. College major

11. Name of first love

12. A bad habit (click to enlarge)

After that, tag 7 people. Now I tagged: Mac, Anna, Dina, Syifaa (haha!) & Adek (haha!). ((i can't think of anyone else))

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Updates! Updates!

Hi peeps! Just got back from our family vacation. Been on leave since 27th Nov and has been L-A-Z-Y since. AND I was too L-A-Z-Y to update. Sorry for that! Ooookay... we went for a short one night trip to Spore (well it's more like a transit bcoz direct flight to KL was very full) and then to KL for a shopping spree (more pictures here). Whilst in Spore we managed to do a little shopping at Wheelock place and Isetan.

And yeah, I dropped by at....... get my tools. Didn't have time to shop for more tho bcoz I was pressured by T and my in-laws who were waiting outside.. ((aargghh))

here's my latest purchases...

DDs didn't want to miss the shopping, bought themselves some Kit and stuff...

here's Irah's purchases..
and here's Syifaa's purchases...

Thanks for looking! More updates comin up!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

uwaaaaaaa..... :'(

I know i have expressed my frustration at FB but I just can't help letting it out everywhere. Yes! We can't go to Bangkok because the airport was paralyzed by PAD protestors since Tuesday night. Protesters have forced Thai police to abandon a checkpoint as the authorities try to end a blockade of Bangkok's airports that has lasted several days. This trip has been plannced months ago and we were suppose to go last Thursday!!! And yeah, we're still here in Brunei with no activities. ((sigh)) oh well, what to do! We were given two choices, either to reschedule or reroute. We opt for reschedule. Perhaps we'll go there next year!

No good PAD protestors!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

HSM3 enthusiasts!!!!

[First movie outing without ayah & ibu]

My lovely girls, you were oh so happy when I told you that we're going to bring you to the movies to watch HSM3. The minute you hear the news I saw sparkles in both your eyes, like a dream come true. So we take you to the Mall and left you girls there to watch the movie, and you were enjoying that night as 'almost' grown ups on your own for an hour and a half. When the movie ended, you two were all smiles when you came out of the theater. A big grin on your cute faces. And you were talking about the movie all the way home and how you loved it. Here's a picture of you girls posing beside the HSM3 posters. May you remember this night forever.

xoxo, ibu

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Talking About Scrap Space....

yea, talking about scrap space, i took pics of my space while work in progress (Vivs, now you know how it'd look like 'uncensored' :P) and i thought i'd create an LO about my scarp space so here's my takes....

Work in progress.......

stash storage no.1

stash storage no.2

stash storage no.3 (this is where i keep my papers! yet to buy a proper storage XD )

Thanks for looking!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mini Pop-Up Album

Can't wait for next week! As I will be going for a long vacation (finally!!). It will be a solid 2 weeks (yeah baby!!!) I NEED the break.... i haven't been on leave for quite some time (4 mths.. heee..) I'll provide updates on the break after the break (do i make sense??!! ;) )

Anyways, been always wanting to try doing a mini pop-up album. I've asked around and finally got the tutorial from her and her. So I did one on DS' birthday pictures and been working on it for the last few days. It was a very interesting experience and i enjoyed doing it.

Here's my take!

The assembled book....

And... the finished product!!!
Front view

back view
side view.. don't mind the messy background :)
open up!!
pix of T's pressie to adam (the mini pool table... precious!) and the Ben10 collection from ibu (the 'heatblast'), kaka syifaa (the 'upgrade') and kaka irah (the 'stinkfly')... i've memorized the names of the characters now since i've been hearing and seeing it all around me everyday... Ben10 die hard fan!!!
On a separate note, remember this LO i created just before raya? I've framed it and hang it at a little corner at our house for a remembrance of my late mom...