Friday, December 26, 2008

Busy weekend

Although the long awaited 'loooong weekend' is coming but it's going to be a tiring one for me. This Sunday is one of our close relative's wedding day soooo it's the week full of wedding events.. PLUSSSSSSS... my kids' back-to-school preparation (this is the busiest event of all!!).

My activities yesterday was:

1. Had breakfast at CA Mohd gadong (Adam burped loudly in the restaurant!! How rude??!! I saw Poinz there with the hubby *wink* She smiled at me when Adam burped!! hehe she don't know it's me i guess)

2. we went shopping at The Mall for groceries and school uniforms (although I skipped this one coz inda sanggup! well you know, it's bonus season so you can imagine how the shop was full of people so i just did the groceries shopping)

3. had lunch at CheezBox ((too bad I didn't took pics there coz it was my kids' 1st time there and they liked it and sooooo wanna go there again))

4. went to MBE to get DD's school books and tried our luck in the lucky draw contest ((wah, even bookstores now have lucky draws... who knows I'll win the Acer aspire XD). Met an ol fren from school, Ismawati Ma'aruf, at the bookstore. cool!!!

5. went home tired, slept for one hour

6. went to attend Majlis Berbedak function((renee was there :p)

Phewhhhhh!! That was a whole lot of activities in a day! Here's a random picture of Adam i took at the function playing with my phone. He can't find his gameboy (boy am i not surprised!) and he must have something that he could play with otherwise he'll go wandering around.

Here's a short video of Syifaa trying out the 'poco-poco' dance at the wedding. Hehe her first time doing the poco-poco and been practicing it ever since.. hehe cute!!

Thanks for dropping by!!

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