Friday, January 30, 2009


Hello readers! Lil update from the Phillipines. I am on a 3 days work trip to Manila in the Makati district. This is my first work trip ever and this is also my first time in Manila and I saw a lot of things that we don't see everyday. When you're on a work trip, you don't tend to feel like you're in another country especially when the people here looks just the same as you.

We stayed here
my room number

the cozy bedroom
chillin out at starbucks
at the lobby...
DH posing in hallway towards our room
my first purchase...
Okay.. enough said, our job here is done and we'll be heading back to the Abode of Peace tomorrow night. Till next update, thanks for looking!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What I've been up to last nite and today

Today is my niece Nora's big day, today she's officially someone's wife (at last! XD ).
Click HERE for pics.

Last nite I was helping out with the preparation of the 'barang hantaran', she requested for an LO of the 'aturcara majlis' and the 'gangsa numberings'. Renee was there too to help me with the numberings bcoz I requested her to bring her bigshot over (coz it's just next door to her house hehe!). There were soooo much things to do that nite and we ended up going home at 330am!! and the next day we had to wake up early for the nikah... nnnneeeeedddddd sleeeeeeep!

Here's some takes of the finished projects

On a separate note, just to share with you, my elder sister is specialized in egg decoration and she made this lovely wedding band display for my niece. I just can't help but show this pic of her creation.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Scrapping Target For 2009

Dear readers of my blog, in the span of 4.5 months I've created 39 items which includes LOs, minis, digis, altered items, cards and accordian mini album. This year, inspired by Wati and Jazz, I've set myself to create at least 1 creation a week. So that makes it 48 creations for the whole year! Yayyyy... let's make this happen!!
P/s: Missing my happy scrappers!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Soooo unwell......

I've been sick lately hence I haven't scrapped anything during the last weekend. It was a miserable week, but despite all that I can still go on for a blog candy. So blog candy anyone?

Michelle is giving away lovely papers, so do check them out at her blog!


Friday, January 16, 2009

You Shine.....

Tried out a challenge at the BSF hosted by Vivs. There's a total of 3 challenges;

1. Recycle, Redesign, Reuse - this challenge is about recycling SB stuff which we don't use anymore. Rather than throwing it, alter it and put it to use and here's my take

2. Gong Xi Gong Xi - CNY falls in January, creations should be incorporated by RED and any one of these colors Gold/Orange/Yellow. My take....

3. Stamp Away - this challenge is about using stamps ONLY in your LO. Well, i RARELY use stamps and I don't think I have that much of stamps collection hence this one will take a while to complete... teehee....

Thanks for looking!

Blogoversary Candy Giveaway

Found this out from Jazz's blog. I've always love to drop by Artz de Scrap for the tutorials. A very good way of sharing ideas for newbies like me. And the coolest thing is, it is celebrating it's 1st anniversary and it's giving away F-I-F-T-E-E-N RAKs! Oh wow! Come on, give it a try! Rules are simple, find out from the blog.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adam's 1st day to ugama school

It was Adam's 1st day to ugama school yesterday. I never thought they would take him in yet as his age is younger by a year to join. But he's lucky to be accepted. He looked so cute in the ugama uniform, thought I'd share it here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anniversary card.... the reveal

This card has just been collected by the requestor XD... and only now I can reveal this card which i created for this guy... Hope he likes it...

I waaaanntttt!!!

I haven't won anything so I'll keep on trying. lol....

Here's a blog candy from this lady who is celebrating her 39th anniversay. Oh wow! 39 years!!!

This lady is also giving away candies for receiving the Papercraft Essentials Papercrafter of the year 2008 award and also having over 5000 hits on her blog. So do check it out!

And another one, check it out here from Bev!! Oh a lot of candies, yummy!

Thanks for dropping by!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

15 January 2009

15th January is MIL's birthday and DH asked me to alter a gift box. I was soooo excited & happy to do it especially when it's DH who is asking. It means he likes my work!! Don't you just love the feeling?? (( sue whispering - also means buying more SB stash is a green light now... teehee))

I got this box from the office, hehe it's been unclaimed, and since DH asked me to go look for gift box I might as well alter this unclaimed box. What I did is wrap the box with a pink polka dots PP. Got inspirations from my crop buddies at the P&C crop session and took some ideas from all the boxes we did. Thanks girls *winks*!

So here's my take & hope MIL will love this too. I love the birdie thingy.....

Thanks for looking!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Random Photo

Photo taken & edited by my niece *haha* I thought this is cute and must post this pic!Thanks for looking!
Valentine Candy!!

Care for a valentine candy anyone? If you're up to something this valentine's day and feeling IN LURVE... then check out this blog!

10,000 Hit's Blog Candy...

Wow! This blog is celebrating it's hit on it over the 3 1/2 months! Targeted 10,000 hits in less than 5 mths, this blog must be good!! So why not y'all, try your luck here!

Another one!

This one's celebrating it's 3000 hits! Go on y'all, check it out here!

And another!!!

Want more??? This one's celebrating her birthday. Check this blog out!

Phewhhh... that's quite a number of blog candies! Anymore???? hehe...

Till next blog candy...
Sue signing off!

Monday, January 05, 2009

There's nobody home! We're on.... HOLIDAY

Mojos coming in my way ((thanks to my luvly fren & fren for spreading the mojos... mwahzzz)), created this door hanger for the S.I.C Holiday Challenge. Apart from scrapbook LOs, altered creations are eligible hence I decided to create this........

Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Flashback 2008

Flashing back to all the good things that happened in my life in 2008

* Got a new job
* Got a new car
* Found my new love, scrapping, which is pleasurable
* Went to my first ever cropping session which was a splendid experience
* Found new friends through scrapping (you know who you are new friends! *hugs*)
* Touched down at Laine's (huhuhu this was the best experience evvvver!!)
* Wrapped up the year with a memorable family vacation

I'm looking forward to more good things to happen this new year!

To end my note, DH asked me to alter FIL's birthday gift box whose birthday falls on 31 December (( cool! right at the end of the year! )).
And this is the outcome....

what's inside the box?? taadaaaaaThanks for looking!