Thursday, January 08, 2009

15 January 2009

15th January is MIL's birthday and DH asked me to alter a gift box. I was soooo excited & happy to do it especially when it's DH who is asking. It means he likes my work!! Don't you just love the feeling?? (( sue whispering - also means buying more SB stash is a green light now... teehee))

I got this box from the office, hehe it's been unclaimed, and since DH asked me to go look for gift box I might as well alter this unclaimed box. What I did is wrap the box with a pink polka dots PP. Got inspirations from my crop buddies at the P&C crop session and took some ideas from all the boxes we did. Thanks girls *winks*!

So here's my take & hope MIL will love this too. I love the birdie thingy.....

Thanks for looking!!

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