Saturday, November 29, 2008

uwaaaaaaa..... :'(

I know i have expressed my frustration at FB but I just can't help letting it out everywhere. Yes! We can't go to Bangkok because the airport was paralyzed by PAD protestors since Tuesday night. Protesters have forced Thai police to abandon a checkpoint as the authorities try to end a blockade of Bangkok's airports that has lasted several days. This trip has been plannced months ago and we were suppose to go last Thursday!!! And yeah, we're still here in Brunei with no activities. ((sigh)) oh well, what to do! We were given two choices, either to reschedule or reroute. We opt for reschedule. Perhaps we'll go there next year!

No good PAD protestors!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

HSM3 enthusiasts!!!!

[First movie outing without ayah & ibu]

My lovely girls, you were oh so happy when I told you that we're going to bring you to the movies to watch HSM3. The minute you hear the news I saw sparkles in both your eyes, like a dream come true. So we take you to the Mall and left you girls there to watch the movie, and you were enjoying that night as 'almost' grown ups on your own for an hour and a half. When the movie ended, you two were all smiles when you came out of the theater. A big grin on your cute faces. And you were talking about the movie all the way home and how you loved it. Here's a picture of you girls posing beside the HSM3 posters. May you remember this night forever.

xoxo, ibu

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Talking About Scrap Space....

yea, talking about scrap space, i took pics of my space while work in progress (Vivs, now you know how it'd look like 'uncensored' :P) and i thought i'd create an LO about my scarp space so here's my takes....

Work in progress.......

stash storage no.1

stash storage no.2

stash storage no.3 (this is where i keep my papers! yet to buy a proper storage XD )

Thanks for looking!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mini Pop-Up Album

Can't wait for next week! As I will be going for a long vacation (finally!!). It will be a solid 2 weeks (yeah baby!!!) I NEED the break.... i haven't been on leave for quite some time (4 mths.. heee..) I'll provide updates on the break after the break (do i make sense??!! ;) )

Anyways, been always wanting to try doing a mini pop-up album. I've asked around and finally got the tutorial from her and her. So I did one on DS' birthday pictures and been working on it for the last few days. It was a very interesting experience and i enjoyed doing it.

Here's my take!

The assembled book....

And... the finished product!!!
Front view

back view
side view.. don't mind the messy background :)
open up!!
pix of T's pressie to adam (the mini pool table... precious!) and the Ben10 collection from ibu (the 'heatblast'), kaka syifaa (the 'upgrade') and kaka irah (the 'stinkfly')... i've memorized the names of the characters now since i've been hearing and seeing it all around me everyday... Ben10 die hard fan!!!
On a separate note, remember this LO i created just before raya? I've framed it and hang it at a little corner at our house for a remembrance of my late mom...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tahi Lalat Mu Tetap Menjadi Pujaan Hatiku...!!!

aahahaha... I like this latest pix of Adam.. just realized that his mole next to his nose is getting bigger and bigger each day.

Candies Giveaway!!

Never gave-up to try out these candies giveaways. Here's another giveaway from this lady. Do try it out! Who knows!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Card for renee...

We're gonna visit renee tonite at my sister's house. Made this card for her as a gift... hope she likes it...

Blog facelift is under construction!

You may experience frequent change in blog's background as I am in the midst of facelifting my blog. Still have not decided on which background to choose :) haha... Thanking jazz for introducing this website. Have been looking at cool blogs of hers, hers & hers and been wanting to ask 'how did they do that?'. Now I got it.. hehe..

Thanks for dropping by!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


It was DH's birthday....
cooked western themed dinner for DH
and it was 'da bomb'... hehe..

Happy birthday darling!! xoxo
Adam's Birthday Bash

Sunday, November 09, 2008


1. for all future time
2. at all times or on every occassion

we'll be together forever, my love and I...
hehe.. ke jiwa! We rarely take picture together,
the only times are during special occassions so I might
as well put this memories together into my scrappings..
I hope we'll be forever in love because

... i heart DH so much... *winks*

Managed to 'steal' lil time last weekend to create
this LO...

...hehe do you notice anything here??

Saturday, November 08, 2008


I've been alerted by Alin that Mac has tagged me... heheh... Thanks yo! (for giving me 50 nos. long questions!!)

Here's the tagged replies:

1. Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... just take a picture.
3. Post that picture with NO editing.
4. Post these instruction with your picture.
5. Tag 5 people to do this, i maybe just tagged 2 people but feel free to play along for fun:
Renee, Scrappermaya, Dina & siapa ya? can balik2 ka? if can I want to tag mac & alin... muahahaha

1) Where and when was your last kiss?- This morning before my love went to work... muahahaha
2) What color underwear/boxers/thong wearing now?- wah!! what colour do you think? Wanna guess??
3) What are you listening to right now?
- Broken Sorrow - Nuttin But Stringz
4) Whats your favorite number?- twelv.6
5) What was the last thing you ate?- Cheezebox's butter & sugar thick toast
6) When was the last time you smiled?- a few minutes ago when I knew I got tagged
7) How is the weather right now?- aaarghh. it's hott
8) Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?- my Darling Hubby
9) What is your worst habit?- spending beyond limit
10) Do you drink?- Alcohol?? No i dont!!
11) Do you dance?- to myself, yes (i don't dance in public.. hehe shy gurl)
12) When was the last time, if ever, you blacked out?- never
13.) Girlfriend/Boyfriend?- Huh?? I'm married wat??!!
14) Your Hair color?- Black
15) Eye Color?- Black
16) Do you wear contacts?- sometimes when I feel like I'm going blurry
17) Favorite day?- saturday & sunday
18) Favorite Month?- June
19) Have you ever cried for no reason?- He he he..No. payah kan menangis sikit ni aku ani..
20) What was the last movie you watched?- mmmmmmm barangkali... fantastic 4: the return of the silver surfer.. if at the Movies.... mmm Kung Fu Panda
21) Favorite Day of the Year?- my birthday lah!!
22) Are you too shy to ask someone out?- If I'm still single, yes, am a shy girl...
23) Last advice you received?- a few days ago from my bos...
24) What was the highlight of your weekend?- oh.. i get to brush up my vocabulary by playing Word Challenge.. and of course the only time for scrapping...
25) Chocolate or Vanilla?- Chocolate
26) What is the last text message you received?- From Hjh Ain (my in-law) which says 'OK'.. hehe..
27) What is the last text message sent?- To Hjh Ain lah of course! Something about baked potatoes... hehehe..
28) Who was the last person you call?- DH
29) What was the last sports game you watched?- Baseball
30) When was the last time you slept in someone else's bed?- mmmmmm long time ago at my bro's house...
31) Favorite movies?- Just like heaven, Wanted and more action movies.. action movies bagi saja aku.. peminat!!!
32) Favorite football Team?- Urrgghhhh.. nada!!
33) What were you doing before this?- playing Word Challenge
34) Any pets?- Nope
35) Favorite Drink?- Teh C Ping Special, Kopi O Ping, apa saja asal coffee... but CoffeeZone's hazelnut latte is da bomb!!
36) Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn?- Butter and Salted
37) Dogs or cats?- Cats... mm apahal ni ah?? untuk apa kan ni??
38) Favorite flower?- Tulips
39) When was the last time you got in trouble?- masa skulah skulah ganya dulu
41) Have you ever loved someone?- of coz.. my family
42) Who would you like to see right now?- my ol buddies from my previous workplace
43) Are you still friends with people from kindergarten?- hehe.. mmm maybe!!
44) Have you ever fired a gun?- Yup.. M14 when we were visiting Temburong Camp with my Bro-n-law
45) Do you like to travel by plane?- yup.. I love travelling...
46) What websites do you go to frequently besides friendster?- my blog, facebook, scrapbooking websites, ebay, amazon, victoria secret, asal saja yang ada online shopping.. hehe..
47). If you could be with anybody right now who would it be?- yea.. Barrack Obama
48) How many pillows do you sleep with?- 2
49) Are you missing someone?- late Mom
50) How was your day?- Had bfast with DH, then had another bfast at Cheezebox with Zimah & Widya, went to Muara with DH, went for a little grocery shopping, playing Word Challenge on Facebook and last but not least, updating my blog on TAGGED

Sunday, November 02, 2008

So many things to say... so little time..

Girls Day Out

I created this LO quite a while ago but October was too busywith a lot of birthdays and comin up... kids exam fever! I forgotto post this LO when it was done. So here's 'Girls Day Out'..

This picture was taken when we [me, my sis ( next to me ) and my nieces (wawa, pij, rena)] were chillin out at Fleur-de-lys having yummy breakfast.

I soooooo miss my scrappings.....

Plastered Leg

So kesian!! My niece spraint her ankle while shopping in Miri in her high heel sandals.. atu saaakkkiiiiittttt... But nonetheless, she get to rest for 3 weeks!!!!!!! cool!!

BEDB/BMC Open house at Sg Liang

[26 October] The preparation........ we had to to Sg Liang to prepare for the next day's open house. The open house was held at the PA Putri Hajah Rashidah Secondary School.

The stage that needs a facelift.... notice that white board in the midlle
with a big clock on it? Hehe.. reminds me of time keeping during
school examinations...
The decor team..
[27 October] The Open House.......
we were in charge of external floor a.k.a. outside activities...

one of the games set up outside... someone has to sit on the chair and a player has to hit the jackpot so that the water container on top will spill on the person sitting below... do I make sense here? :) gagagagaga...
trying out the games... it was fun fun fun...we managed to pull out a lovely smile eventho we were soooooo tired to the max!!!

Syifaa participated in the Batik Painting activitiy inside the hall where the internal games & activities were, an this is her painting... It cost about $5.. cool eh?
on our way back home, I didn't notice Adam took a picture of his dinosaur.. nice take boy!! teehee...

Thanks for looking!