Friday, November 21, 2008

Mini Pop-Up Album

Can't wait for next week! As I will be going for a long vacation (finally!!). It will be a solid 2 weeks (yeah baby!!!) I NEED the break.... i haven't been on leave for quite some time (4 mths.. heee..) I'll provide updates on the break after the break (do i make sense??!! ;) )

Anyways, been always wanting to try doing a mini pop-up album. I've asked around and finally got the tutorial from her and her. So I did one on DS' birthday pictures and been working on it for the last few days. It was a very interesting experience and i enjoyed doing it.

Here's my take!

The assembled book....

And... the finished product!!!
Front view

back view
side view.. don't mind the messy background :)
open up!!
pix of T's pressie to adam (the mini pool table... precious!) and the Ben10 collection from ibu (the 'heatblast'), kaka syifaa (the 'upgrade') and kaka irah (the 'stinkfly')... i've memorized the names of the characters now since i've been hearing and seeing it all around me everyday... Ben10 die hard fan!!!
On a separate note, remember this LO i created just before raya? I've framed it and hang it at a little corner at our house for a remembrance of my late mom...

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