Tuesday, November 25, 2008

HSM3 enthusiasts!!!!

[First movie outing without ayah & ibu]

My lovely girls, you were oh so happy when I told you that we're going to bring you to the movies to watch HSM3. The minute you hear the news I saw sparkles in both your eyes, like a dream come true. So we take you to the Mall and left you girls there to watch the movie, and you were enjoying that night as 'almost' grown ups on your own for an hour and a half. When the movie ended, you two were all smiles when you came out of the theater. A big grin on your cute faces. And you were talking about the movie all the way home and how you loved it. Here's a picture of you girls posing beside the HSM3 posters. May you remember this night forever.

xoxo, ibu

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