Sunday, November 02, 2008

So many things to say... so little time..

Girls Day Out

I created this LO quite a while ago but October was too busywith a lot of birthdays and comin up... kids exam fever! I forgotto post this LO when it was done. So here's 'Girls Day Out'..

This picture was taken when we [me, my sis ( next to me ) and my nieces (wawa, pij, rena)] were chillin out at Fleur-de-lys having yummy breakfast.

I soooooo miss my scrappings.....

Plastered Leg

So kesian!! My niece spraint her ankle while shopping in Miri in her high heel sandals.. atu saaakkkiiiiittttt... But nonetheless, she get to rest for 3 weeks!!!!!!! cool!!

BEDB/BMC Open house at Sg Liang

[26 October] The preparation........ we had to to Sg Liang to prepare for the next day's open house. The open house was held at the PA Putri Hajah Rashidah Secondary School.

The stage that needs a facelift.... notice that white board in the midlle
with a big clock on it? Hehe.. reminds me of time keeping during
school examinations...
The decor team..
[27 October] The Open House.......
we were in charge of external floor a.k.a. outside activities...

one of the games set up outside... someone has to sit on the chair and a player has to hit the jackpot so that the water container on top will spill on the person sitting below... do I make sense here? :) gagagagaga...
trying out the games... it was fun fun fun...we managed to pull out a lovely smile eventho we were soooooo tired to the max!!!

Syifaa participated in the Batik Painting activitiy inside the hall where the internal games & activities were, an this is her painting... It cost about $5.. cool eh?
on our way back home, I didn't notice Adam took a picture of his dinosaur.. nice take boy!! teehee...

Thanks for looking!

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