Sunday, January 25, 2009

What I've been up to last nite and today

Today is my niece Nora's big day, today she's officially someone's wife (at last! XD ).
Click HERE for pics.

Last nite I was helping out with the preparation of the 'barang hantaran', she requested for an LO of the 'aturcara majlis' and the 'gangsa numberings'. Renee was there too to help me with the numberings bcoz I requested her to bring her bigshot over (coz it's just next door to her house hehe!). There were soooo much things to do that nite and we ended up going home at 330am!! and the next day we had to wake up early for the nikah... nnnneeeeedddddd sleeeeeeep!

Here's some takes of the finished projects

On a separate note, just to share with you, my elder sister is specialized in egg decoration and she made this lovely wedding band display for my niece. I just can't help but show this pic of her creation.

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Candy said...

Beautiful wedding pieces!!! Love the egg!!! Goodluck in Artz de Scraps' challenges!