Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Hi, I know I promised that I'll be back last Monday but seems like I had to take an 'extended leave'. *kekekeke* Been bz w raya visitings for the past few days. Can't believe it's the 7th day of raya already.

Anyways, tried out my first digi today and I find it quite interesting. It's a very simple LO I made out of the Promise Collection Kit from Shabby Princess and I'm liking it. Here's my take.

OH! OH! By the way, I receive a small parcel today. And *yipeee!!!*, it's my vibe kit I ordered from SK Beyond. woohoo..

inside there's a sweet note from Wati... Thanks, I sure will!!


adek =) said...


adek =) said...

adek, kn cuba membuat scrapbook. bleh bagitau mcm mna.

Vivs said...

Hi there! Blog hoppin and found you. Great stuffs you got here. And you sure a natural scrapbooker. Take care :) Oh can i link you up?

ps. tried leaving same txt at your cbox but it was locked.