Monday, October 20, 2008

Teachers Day Thank You Cards

DDs wanted to make T-Day TQ cards to give
to their teachers and pleaded me to do scrap cards..
Well I got them to do the cards themselves and the
results are as pictures below... hehe..
and I was saying '*sigh* whatever lah'

These are Syifaa's creations.. for 7 teachers...

and these are Irah's creations.. she decided to give to only
4 teachers, because she can't remember the other teachers' names
(adakah patut??!!! haha)

While the girls were bz with their scrapping session
I decided to scrap with them...
Here's my take on Totally Pretty Girls

close take!
side take!
and last but not least
my little DS didn't want to be left out,
he also wanted to participate in the session
and I just let him do his own thang...
and the outcome... taaadaaa!!!!

(apakah benda nieeee!!! kekekeke)
(he painted the chipboard "leaf" himself though *grinning*)

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