Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BSF Door Hanger Swap

FINALLY able to finish the JANUARY BSF door hanger swap. I'm suppose to receive form Eirnna and I am to give to Zizi.

So here's showing the pretty hanger created by the lovely Eirnna (whom I finally met at the HS makan last saturday... update on the makan can be found at Eirnna's blog). Just lurve every single detail of the hanger. Thanks Eirnna!

On the other hand, here's what i created for Zizi a.k.a Renoa. Gave her last Saturday as well. I knowwwww, this has been looooonnngggg overdue and I've just managed to finish it the nite before the HS makan. Hehehehehe.... *blush* BUT i am glad Zizi likes it! Have fun with it Zizi!!! :) Ooohh, btw i don't even realized i haven't took pic of the hanger till i was at the makan place already! So i hope you don't mind pic taken with the 'Honda' logo behind it... kekekeke my bad!!

Thanks for looking!!

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