Friday, October 30, 2009

October Babies!!!

A birthday shout out to the October celebrants:

16th October
My big bro Baharuddin

17th Octboer
my nephew Zuwairy a.k.a Joey

22nd October
my nephew The Godfather a.k.a Abang a.k.a Ashadi

28th October
my niece Yuniza a.k.a Baby


the birthday of the month....

*drum roll*

30th October
it's Adam Syafi's Birthday!!!!!
(Happy birthday my little darling! It was at about 5.00am on this day that I had that contraction and I knew that you wanted to come out so much. And it was at about 8:05am, at the RIPAS hospital, that you were born into this world. And now it has been 7 wonderful years, you've become all grown up and I miss those days when you were still a baby. Neverheless, you have grown up to become a wonderful son, been through a lot with you and your sisters and I am proud of you. ♥ ♥ ♥♥)

and not forgetting, a newcomer.....
Farisha Dania Bte Asri (a.k.a Baby Bunga)
1st baby girl of my niece, Nora.
Welcome to the world Baby Bunga!!!


Till then!

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