Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm back.... updates! updates!

Been having trouble logging in to my blogger account. Just got it resolved today and here i am, back to update this blog.... First quarter of this year has been a hectic period. Nonetheless, the best thing about it was when I had my work trip to Tokyo and Osaka Japan in January for 2 weeks. We were representing Brunei to the HRD BIMP-EAGA program. It was a great trip, my first time to Japan.

Here's sharing with you some of my best pictures...

I like this place... there's rows and rows of this kind of bonsai trees along the road nearby the Imperial Palace... they call this place Bonsai Tree Care
This is our gang, the Brunei Team
during our presentation preparation... very fun lot! miss them!
on our 'graduation' day...

We didn't miss the chance to visit......
yeah.... Tokyo Disneyland!!

The star of Disneyland! There was a long Q to take picture with the star!
my favourite flower.....
I'm glad to be part of the Brunei delegates and it was a great experience for me.

Anyhoos... I haven't been scrapping since i got back from the last trip.. I have a new set of acrylic paints & gesso, untouched, waiting to be played with!! maybe after my next short break in April... yeah, I'm going for a short break to KK with my family... haven't been to KK for two years!!!! or is it longer than that.... ????? huhuhu can't wait!

Thanks for looking!!

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