Friday, March 11, 2011

Artist trays trial

Seeing my friends did their amazing artist trays makes me wanna try 'em out. I was kinda finding it difficult at first, but as I go by I find it quite interesting and fun to do. I'm not using the 7-Gypsies tray by the way, but a self-made artist tray instead made out of thick cardboards. The beauty of a self-made tray is you can size the trays as you like it.

I can say my first trial wasn't bad at all and it drives me to make another one not long after. I am very pleased myself with the result. Can't stop looking at it everyday which makes me a happy girl! aha...

Looooovvvveee the result!
I used Webster's Pages for the whole tray.
Don't you just love WPs!
Took me sometime to arrange & stick those alpha chipboards.

Did the second one for my wedding pics...
Love the result too!!!
I think I used Prima PPs for this tray.
Thanks for looking!


Scrapper Maya said...

These are beautiful :) great job! ;)

Me said...